Take a hike


31, March 2016

Why Hiking Is Better than a Treadmill

Everyone knows that walking is a great exercise for you. It doesn’t require a lot of training before you can do it, and it uses the muscles that you use every day to get around. However, one question always comes to mind when people are wondering how and where to work on their walking muscles: outside, in nature, or inside, on the treadmill? While there are diehard supporters of both camps, this is one area where all the gyms in the world just can’t compete with what nature gives you for free. Take a look at the ways that hiking exceeds expectations. Measure Your Accomplishments in Real Time When you’re running on a treadmill you have to get to the end of your program to see how you did. When you’re jogging down a trail or hiking in person you can see second by second how you’re doing, or try to time yourself between mile posts on the trail. It’s nice to get off the treadmill to see that you ran 4 miles in an hour, but it’s even betterRead More …