Low Commitment Relationship


17, January 2016

Getting Over a Failed Booty Call

Meeting a woman who wants a loose, low commitment relationship is sort of the best thing ever. She’s made it clear that she’s up for getting together for a little sheet shaking action and then leaving it there. But as with all things that sound too good to be true, it is. You end up texting her and she makes excuses every time. The one time she does agree to come up she ends up blowing it off and you’re left with your junk in your hand and the TV. on. Failed booty calls are pretty much the worst. You didn’t get laid and, even worse than that, you feel stupid. It’s terrible getting stood up in general, but when it’s over a loose commitment that stings. Don’t let it get to you. Here’s how to get over a failed booty call. You’d Better Recognize Recognizing why she didn’t come over is always the first step. Rejection hurts because we end up feeling like there’s something wrong with us. You’re too nice of a guy or your body isn’t onRead More …