7, February 2016

Why Google Play is Better Than iTunes.

There are many music apps and features available on all platforms of media today. Ipods and other MP3 players are a great way to store and transport your music however most people don’t think to grab two devices to run out the door with every morning. More and more consumers want everything to be in one place for them with easy access to everything that they may need. Which in reality means that people want to have everything accessible to them on their phones, which includes their music library. There are many different apps to choose from depending on what type of device you have, for example the apple products have iTunes. What do the android and Google phone users have to choose from? Well there are the various free apps in the Google store, which allow you to download free music, all of which have terrible sound quality, are could be bugged. Or one can use Google Play, which is honestly the best thing I’ve found to access music with on my phone at a decent once a monthRead More …