26, February 2016

Why You Should Go to the Movies On Opening Weekend

Opening weekends at the movies almost always turns into a huge affair. Depending on how widely anticipated the movie is, the theater could be crowded all weekend and there’s great potential for the whole thing to turn into a nightmare. But if you really think about it, the only real concern you have about going on opening weekend is the crowds. If for whatever reason that makes you nervous, don’t be. Those people are your people. Fans who are excited to watch the same movie as you and went out of their way to come in during opening weekend. It could be hectic, but it holds the promise of being a lot of fun, too. Some truly great things can come out of supporting a movie on its opening weekend, and making that trip out to your local theater could be completely worth it. Special Opening Weekend Giveaways Some theaters boast about hosting a special event during the movie’s opening weekend, and oftentimes when they say “special event” they mean “we’re going to give you awesome free stuff.” Of courseRead More …


3, February 2016

Travel Smart: How to Save Money on Vacation

Vacations are a needed break from the plodding procession of everyday life, and there are a lot of different ways that people decide to go on vacation. Many people choose to travel when they have vacation hours, a practice that is both fun and illuminating for the person who decides to travel. Many people save up in order to go on vacations and will wait for the perfect times and the perfect amount of money to go on a vacation. While there is no doubt that any time away beyond a business paid trip will lose you money, there are ways to minimize the damages. So be sure that you travel smart and minimize the potential damage to your bank account that travel may cause. Transport Planes, trains, and automobiles are all expensive. When looking for the cheapest way to travel, it depends on where you are going. If you aren’t going far, car is probably the way to go, though you have to take into consideration the crazy prices of gas. If a train will get you where youRead More …