Distraction During Your Workout


9, February 2016

How Much Distraction During Your Workout Is a Good Thing

It’s rare these days to see someone working out who isn’t either glued to a TV or has their earbuds in. It’s part of workout culture in these days that it’s a solitary activity that people can use almost like a form of mediation. All they have to do is plug in, load up their workout podcast or playlist, and let the words take them away. It begs an important question, however: when you’re trying to improve your physical fitness, how much distraction is actually a good thing? You Need to Pay Attention to Your Body You shouldn’t be so distracted that you can’t get any feedback from your body. No matter what you’re doing you can pretty much expect that your body has a reply. If you’re really pushing the limit, you need to be in tune with your body so that you know the moment “no pain, no gain” becomes “stop before you hurt yourself.” You don’t want to be so wrapped up in an audiobook that you missed the warning signs that would have stopped you fromRead More …