21, April 2016

How to Handle Backing Up a Large Amount of Data

When you use a computer every day for years at a time, you tend to accumulate quite a lot of data. That’s not just a matter of what programs you have installed and how large the operating system becomes. Instead, it’s also comprised of all of your personal information, such as family photos, personal documents, and even work spreadsheets. All of these things are very important for you to keep safe and in order. Just because they don’t exist in the physical world doesn’t mean that they aren’t of great importance to you. So how can you go about keeping them safe? Of course, you’re going to want to keep backups of your data. Without doing that, you’re risking losing everything in one big disaster. One hard drive failure could trash all of your data! That would be pretty terrible. Instead of letting that happen, what you should do instead is figure out a plan for backing up all of your data in a reasonable way. We know that you’ve got a ton of files to take care of, andRead More …