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11, May 2016

Cheating & Affairs: Why Body Language Is Critical In A Relationship

One of the best ways to communicate is not just saying what you feel, but showing it. Non-verbal communication is one of the best ways you communicate how you really feel about someone. When she says that she’s fine, what does her body say? Are her hips tilted, is her forehead a bit tense? You know that when your significant other is cross with you, their body looks a certain way. They could say they’re perfectly fine but indeed, regardless of what they say, you know the truth. For example, let’s look at the mother of quick hookups, cheating couples. When having an affair the importance of body language is stressed as something that is in need to be guided in most of the manuals for cheating out there. It is of vital importance. Knowing how to use and control your own body language is a key trait in a relationship, as well as knowing how to read your partner and their own body language. In doing so, you create a more understanding and cohesive environment. The more understanding andRead More …

10, May 2016

From Casual Fling To Roomies: 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Moving In Together

These days, most couples live together before marriage – but the rate of breakups among couples who live together is even higher than the divorce rate. Some people might claim that’s because of a deficiency of moral fiber, but moral fiber can’t keep a relationship happy even if it keeps the relationship together. The real problem is that people often think long and hard about marriage, but since moving in together seems like a smaller step, they may not stop to ask themselves hard questions about making their routines and finances compatible first. While it may have started as a series of quick flings, or there may have always been a method to the madness as explained here you will have found it wise to follow fling tips and advice as part of the initial meetings. Same goes for moving in. Moving in, though, adds whole new dimensions to a relationship, and if you don’t think through all of those new dimensions first, you’re likely to find that you and your girlfriend or boyfriend have made very different assumptions… assumptionsRead More …

9, May 2016

6 Cute Ways To Ask Him Out When You Want That Hookup So Bad: Casual Dating Tactics Explained

As either a woman who doesn’t get how men operate or as a man who knows all too well how they do, asking a dude out can be really tricky business. Most men don’t operate how women do in a romantic way, at least when it’s applied to them. When you ask a guy out, you can’t just think about a cute way to do it. You have to think about a cute way to do it with a guy in mind. Most men aren’t the stuffed bear and chocolate type, I’m sure you know. If you’re thinking of hooking up with him, you’ll be in need of a guide that works with simple tricks and reviews that will guarantee that you get what you want out of the initial contact. Flirty Text Messages Guys love a girl (or maybe another man) who flirts. Turn it up a little and show him you know how to treat him like a man that you want. See how he responds and keep upping your game as it goes, teasing him if heRead More …


27, April 2016

Chocolate and Coffee: How It Can Benefit Your Health

When it comes to eating healthy, chances are that you are probably not thinking about chocolate and coffee. In fact, you are probably looking into cutting these things out of your life completely. This doesn’t necessarily need to be the case, however. There are some aspects of coffee and chocolate that can actually be helpful for you and your health. Of course, it isn’t something that you want to completely gorge yourself on, but you might not need to cut it out of your diet completely. This is probably a new idea to you, but it is something that you need to know about. There plenty of people out there who think they have to cut coffee and chocolate completely out of their diet when they start trying to lose weight and become healthy. This just isn’t true. If you are curious to understand exactly why you might be able to keep consuming coffee and chocolate on your diet, here’s what you need to know. Is This Really a Thing? The idea that coffee or chocolate can be beneficial forRead More …


6, April 2016

How to Use Video Games to Get Fit

Gaming culture is such a big part of our current times that it’s not surprising that there are a large number of people who would choose video games over getting fit. Games offer a sense of recognition without any hard physical labor. But there are ways that you can play your video games and work out at the same time! Nobody wants to work hard to get into shape, but if you use your video games as a method to keep yourself in line, you just might be able to have your cake and eat it too. Kinect and Other Motion Games Video games have made leaps and bounds in the last few years. No longer are games constricted solely to being played using controllers. With technology like the Kinect or the Wii system, moving around has become a much larger part of gaming in general. This is something you can use to your advantage to get into shape. If you’re prone to playing movement games to begin with, this should be simple enough, but if you usually don’t playRead More …


31, March 2016

Why Hiking Is Better than a Treadmill

Everyone knows that walking is a great exercise for you. It doesn’t require a lot of training before you can do it, and it uses the muscles that you use every day to get around. However, one question always comes to mind when people are wondering how and where to work on their walking muscles: outside, in nature, or inside, on the treadmill? While there are diehard supporters of both camps, this is one area where all the gyms in the world just can’t compete with what nature gives you for free. Take a look at the ways that hiking exceeds expectations. Measure Your Accomplishments in Real Time When you’re running on a treadmill you have to get to the end of your program to see how you did. When you’re jogging down a trail or hiking in person you can see second by second how you’re doing, or try to time yourself between mile posts on the trail. It’s nice to get off the treadmill to see that you ran 4 miles in an hour, but it’s even betterRead More …


9, February 2016

How Much Distraction During Your Workout Is a Good Thing

It’s rare these days to see someone working out who isn’t either glued to a TV or has their earbuds in. It’s part of workout culture in these days that it’s a solitary activity that people can use almost like a form of mediation. All they have to do is plug in, load up their workout podcast or playlist, and let the words take them away. It begs an important question, however: when you’re trying to improve your physical fitness, how much distraction is actually a good thing? You Need to Pay Attention to Your Body You shouldn’t be so distracted that you can’t get any feedback from your body. No matter what you’re doing you can pretty much expect that your body has a reply. If you’re really pushing the limit, you need to be in tune with your body so that you know the moment “no pain, no gain” becomes “stop before you hurt yourself.” You don’t want to be so wrapped up in an audiobook that you missed the warning signs that would have stopped you fromRead More …