12, May 2016

From Online Dating 2 First Date: What Her Drink Choice Says About Her

Let’s be honest, everything a woman does says something about her. The clothes she wears, her hairstyle, and even her drink of choice can tell you all you need to know without even talking to her. That being said, these are great ways to figure out if you even want to approach her in the first place. For those guys who hang out at the bar, this little guide is sure to help you when you head out on the prowl. One way is to do this online. If you’ve used personals websites and read up on some reviews of sex dating and advice on how to get it, I’ve always found that the PDG website and reviews have been key to finding love online. Beer She’s not here to get wasted fast, and she’s here to do it on a budget. Beer runs the cheapest on alcohol lists, so it says that she’s a no-fuss woman. She doesn’t like spending a ton of money on the little things, and isn’t much for pampering herself. She’s also way more downRead More …

11, May 2016

Cheating & Affairs: Why Body Language Is Critical In A Relationship

One of the best ways to communicate is not just saying what you feel, but showing it. Non-verbal communication is one of the best ways you communicate how you really feel about someone. When she says that she’s fine, what does her body say? Are her hips tilted, is her forehead a bit tense? You know that when your significant other is cross with you, their body looks a certain way. They could say they’re perfectly fine but indeed, regardless of what they say, you know the truth. For example, let’s look at the mother of quick hookups, cheating couples. When having an affair the importance of body language is stressed as something that is in need to be guided in most of the manuals for cheating out there. It is of vital importance. Knowing how to use and control your own body language is a key trait in a relationship, as well as knowing how to read your partner and their own body language. In doing so, you create a more understanding and cohesive environment. The more understanding andRead More …


11, April 2016

5 Start Up Costs You Will Never See Coming

Starting a new business can be difficult to manage and incredibly expensive, and just when you think you’ve got it all figured out is when you realize there are several costs you never considered going into business. Sometimes the more simple the costs, the easier these costs are to over look as you make your initial budget and predict the amount of money you’ll need to get up and running. Any amount of extra cost can be a game changer when you’re budgeting very carefully to get by. Sometimes all you can do is make part of your budget dedicated to costs you will not see coming. But before you resort to that consider also a few costs you might have forgotten as your making your initial budget. Utilities It may seem silly, we pay them all the time in our personal lives! But often there is some component of utilities business owners look past when first making budgets. Did you remember things like electricity? How about internet? Will you have a business cell phone or landline you’ll be payingRead More …


8, April 2016

How to Save Money On Advertising

Advertising is a great way to generate business to your company. It’s also a great way to lose money if you aren’t careful. As wonderful as advertising is, it can often be expensive, which means that your company may have to think of other ways for your company to get business. Luckily, there are a few different ways that your company can save money on advertising, while still reaching as many people as possible. Let the Internet Do the Work for You The Internet is one of the best ways to advertise without having to really pay much (or any) money. There are numerous ways you can advertise on the Internet depending on your budget. If you want to advertise the traditional with, such as with advertisements that run during video streams, or ads that are embedded into a website, you should prepare to pay for these. Although, they aren’t too expensive, sometimes it may feel like your money is being wasted. Many online users have several different types of popup blockers that will hide your ad from even appearing.Read More …


2, February 2016

Using Skype Interviews to Hire Out of State Candidates

With technology becoming more powerful, and more importantly, more user-friendly, many companies are starting to realize that technology can be a great way to find out of state candidates that aren’t capable of visiting for in-person interviews. In-person interviews can often prevent companies from finding well-qualified candidates, and many times these companies have to settle for candidates who aren’t as skilled, or talented as they may want. When companies offer out of state candidates the opportunity to interview from a remote location, it shows candidates how flexible a company can be, which will definitely be in the company’s favor. An Opportunity to Save Your Company and Your Candidates Money You have to spend money to make money. This is definitely true for many companies and the candidates that apply to them. Many times, candidates are expected to use their own funds to attend an in-person interview even if it is located thousands of miles away. As badly as they want the job, most candidates don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on plane tickets for a job that isn’t actuallyRead More …