Courting Others

12, May 2016

From Online Dating 2 First Date: What Her Drink Choice Says About Her

Let’s be honest, everything a woman does says something about her. The clothes she wears, her hairstyle, and even her drink of choice can tell you all you need to know without even talking to her. That being said, these are great ways to figure out if you even want to approach her in the first place. For those guys who hang out at the bar, this little guide is sure to help you when you head out on the prowl. One way is to do this online. If you’ve used personals websites and read up on some reviews of sex dating and advice on how to get it, I’ve always found that the PDG website and reviews have been key to finding love online. Beer She’s not here to get wasted fast, and she’s here to do it on a budget. Beer runs the cheapest on alcohol lists, so it says that she’s a no-fuss woman. She doesn’t like spending a ton of money on the little things, and isn’t much for pampering herself. She’s also way more downRead More …

10, May 2016

From Casual Fling To Roomies: 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Moving In Together

These days, most couples live together before marriage – but the rate of breakups among couples who live together is even higher than the divorce rate. Some people might claim that’s because of a deficiency of moral fiber, but moral fiber can’t keep a relationship happy even if it keeps the relationship together. The real problem is that people often think long and hard about marriage, but since moving in together seems like a smaller step, they may not stop to ask themselves hard questions about making their routines and finances compatible first. While it may have started as a series of quick flings, or there may have always been a method to the madness as explained here you will have found it wise to follow fling tips and advice as part of the initial meetings. Same goes for moving in. Moving in, though, adds whole new dimensions to a relationship, and if you don’t think through all of those new dimensions first, you’re likely to find that you and your girlfriend or boyfriend have made very different assumptions… assumptionsRead More …

9, May 2016

6 Cute Ways To Ask Him Out When You Want That Hookup So Bad: Casual Dating Tactics Explained

As either a woman who doesn’t get how men operate or as a man who knows all too well how they do, asking a dude out can be really tricky business. Most men don’t operate how women do in a romantic way, at least when it’s applied to them. When you ask a guy out, you can’t just think about a cute way to do it. You have to think about a cute way to do it with a guy in mind. Most men aren’t the stuffed bear and chocolate type, I’m sure you know. If you’re thinking of hooking up with him, you’ll be in need of a guide that works with simple tricks and reviews that will guarantee that you get what you want out of the initial contact. Flirty Text Messages Guys love a girl (or maybe another man) who flirts. Turn it up a little and show him you know how to treat him like a man that you want. See how he responds and keep upping your game as it goes, teasing him if heRead More …


16, April 2016

Dating Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

There is no dating manual out there. Everyone is different and you sort of just stumble around until you find a way that works for you. But even when you find that way, there’s no guarantee that you’ll end up getting lucky and finding someone who matches what you do. You could be dating the wrong way for all you know. Luckily we’re here to tell you some of the most common dating don’ts so that you can see if you’re doing any of them. Most guys don’t even realize that they’re actually turning women off by doing seemingly innocent things. Talking About Yourself Too Much Okay this is one that guys generally tend to be at least a little bit aware of. We are our own favorite people, so of course we’re going to talk about ourselves. That’s fine, it’s when you take it too far and only talk about yourself is the problem. You have to be prepared to ask her questions and actively lead the conversation back to her. It’s a balance that can be hard toRead More …


27, January 2016

The Best Ways to Start Interracial Dating

Interracial dating isn’t as difficult as some men like to make it seem. While it is true that some women may not be open to dating out of their race, plenty of other women are more open-minded, and are definitely willing to date interracially. If you’ve never had any experience with dating interracially, you may be wondering the best ways to go about it. Some men suggest that you simply ask a woman is she open to interracial dating. Although this may work for some men, others have found that asking women that question can often lead to disappointing results. The truth is there is a method to getting started with interracial dating, and if you follow it, it will better your chances of attracting women of different races. Learn About Her Race and Culture (But Don’t Overdo It) The first thing any man should do when he wants to date a woman of a different race is to learn about her culture. Don’t rely on common stereotypes of her race, and think that believing these things will tell youRead More …


17, January 2016

Getting Over a Failed Booty Call

Meeting a woman who wants a loose, low commitment relationship is sort of the best thing ever. She’s made it clear that she’s up for getting together for a little sheet shaking action and then leaving it there. But as with all things that sound too good to be true, it is. You end up texting her and she makes excuses every time. The one time she does agree to come up she ends up blowing it off and you’re left with your junk in your hand and the TV. on. Failed booty calls are pretty much the worst. You didn’t get laid and, even worse than that, you feel stupid. It’s terrible getting stood up in general, but when it’s over a loose commitment that stings. Don’t let it get to you. Here’s how to get over a failed booty call. You’d Better Recognize Recognizing why she didn’t come over is always the first step. Rejection hurts because we end up feeling like there’s something wrong with us. You’re too nice of a guy or your body isn’t onRead More …