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6, April 2016

How to Use Video Games to Get Fit

Gaming culture is such a big part of our current times that it’s not surprising that there are a large number of people who would choose video games over getting fit. Games offer a sense of recognition without any hard physical labor. But there are ways that you can play your video games and work out at the same time! Nobody wants to work hard to get into shape, but if you use your video games as a method to keep yourself in line, you just might be able to have your cake and eat it too. Kinect and Other Motion Games Video games have made leaps and bounds in the last few years. No longer are games constricted solely to being played using controllers. With technology like the Kinect or the Wii system, moving around has become a much larger part of gaming in general. This is something you can use to your advantage to get into shape. If you’re prone to playing movement games to begin with, this should be simple enough, but if you usually don’t playRead More …


1, April 2016

4 Ways You’re Wasting Money Without Thinking About It

Keeping your finances in order when you’re an independent adult isn’t as easy as the movies and TV shows would have you believe. Even the commercials you see on TV for personal financial planning services are lying! Sometimes, it doesn’t seem simple at all. Are you in the middle of being overwhelmed by all of your expenses? Is it troubling you that you don’t know how to make ends meet at the end of every month? No one should have to go through those kinds of emotions. They’re very hard on you. When you’re depressed, it’s even harder to make good financial decisions for yourself. It seems like no matter how hard you try to get things straightened out, they’re only getting worse. What’s going on? Chances are, you’re being your own worst enemy. How much money are you wasting every month without even thinking about it? If you’re like the average person, it’s probably a ton. If you sat down and really took a hard look at your finances, you would probably be shocked at what you discovered. MoneyRead More …


31, March 2016

Why Hiking Is Better than a Treadmill

Everyone knows that walking is a great exercise for you. It doesn’t require a lot of training before you can do it, and it uses the muscles that you use every day to get around. However, one question always comes to mind when people are wondering how and where to work on their walking muscles: outside, in nature, or inside, on the treadmill? While there are diehard supporters of both camps, this is one area where all the gyms in the world just can’t compete with what nature gives you for free. Take a look at the ways that hiking exceeds expectations. Measure Your Accomplishments in Real Time When you’re running on a treadmill you have to get to the end of your program to see how you did. When you’re jogging down a trail or hiking in person you can see second by second how you’re doing, or try to time yourself between mile posts on the trail. It’s nice to get off the treadmill to see that you ran 4 miles in an hour, but it’s even betterRead More …


26, February 2016

Why You Should Go to the Movies On Opening Weekend

Opening weekends at the movies almost always turns into a huge affair. Depending on how widely anticipated the movie is, the theater could be crowded all weekend and there’s great potential for the whole thing to turn into a nightmare. But if you really think about it, the only real concern you have about going on opening weekend is the crowds. If for whatever reason that makes you nervous, don’t be. Those people are your people. Fans who are excited to watch the same movie as you and went out of their way to come in during opening weekend. It could be hectic, but it holds the promise of being a lot of fun, too. Some truly great things can come out of supporting a movie on its opening weekend, and making that trip out to your local theater could be completely worth it. Special Opening Weekend Giveaways Some theaters boast about hosting a special event during the movie’s opening weekend, and oftentimes when they say “special event” they mean “we’re going to give you awesome free stuff.” Of courseRead More …


9, February 2016

How Much Distraction During Your Workout Is a Good Thing

It’s rare these days to see someone working out who isn’t either glued to a TV or has their earbuds in. It’s part of workout culture in these days that it’s a solitary activity that people can use almost like a form of mediation. All they have to do is plug in, load up their workout podcast or playlist, and let the words take them away. It begs an important question, however: when you’re trying to improve your physical fitness, how much distraction is actually a good thing? You Need to Pay Attention to Your Body You shouldn’t be so distracted that you can’t get any feedback from your body. No matter what you’re doing you can pretty much expect that your body has a reply. If you’re really pushing the limit, you need to be in tune with your body so that you know the moment “no pain, no gain” becomes “stop before you hurt yourself.” You don’t want to be so wrapped up in an audiobook that you missed the warning signs that would have stopped you fromRead More …


7, February 2016

Why Google Play is Better Than iTunes.

There are many music apps and features available on all platforms of media today. Ipods and other MP3 players are a great way to store and transport your music however most people don’t think to grab two devices to run out the door with every morning. More and more consumers want everything to be in one place for them with easy access to everything that they may need. Which in reality means that people want to have everything accessible to them on their phones, which includes their music library. There are many different apps to choose from depending on what type of device you have, for example the apple products have iTunes. What do the android and Google phone users have to choose from? Well there are the various free apps in the Google store, which allow you to download free music, all of which have terrible sound quality, are could be bugged. Or one can use Google Play, which is honestly the best thing I’ve found to access music with on my phone at a decent once a monthRead More …


3, February 2016

Travel Smart: How to Save Money on Vacation

Vacations are a needed break from the plodding procession of everyday life, and there are a lot of different ways that people decide to go on vacation. Many people choose to travel when they have vacation hours, a practice that is both fun and illuminating for the person who decides to travel. Many people save up in order to go on vacations and will wait for the perfect times and the perfect amount of money to go on a vacation. While there is no doubt that any time away beyond a business paid trip will lose you money, there are ways to minimize the damages. So be sure that you travel smart and minimize the potential damage to your bank account that travel may cause. Transport Planes, trains, and automobiles are all expensive. When looking for the cheapest way to travel, it depends on where you are going. If you aren’t going far, car is probably the way to go, though you have to take into consideration the crazy prices of gas. If a train will get you where youRead More …


2, February 2016

Using Skype Interviews to Hire Out of State Candidates

With technology becoming more powerful, and more importantly, more user-friendly, many companies are starting to realize that technology can be a great way to find out of state candidates that aren’t capable of visiting for in-person interviews. In-person interviews can often prevent companies from finding well-qualified candidates, and many times these companies have to settle for candidates who aren’t as skilled, or talented as they may want. When companies offer out of state candidates the opportunity to interview from a remote location, it shows candidates how flexible a company can be, which will definitely be in the company’s favor. An Opportunity to Save Your Company and Your Candidates Money You have to spend money to make money. This is definitely true for many companies and the candidates that apply to them. Many times, candidates are expected to use their own funds to attend an in-person interview even if it is located thousands of miles away. As badly as they want the job, most candidates don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on plane tickets for a job that isn’t actuallyRead More …


27, January 2016

The Best Ways to Start Interracial Dating

Interracial dating isn’t as difficult as some men like to make it seem. While it is true that some women may not be open to dating out of their race, plenty of other women are more open-minded, and are definitely willing to date interracially. If you’ve never had any experience with dating interracially, you may be wondering the best ways to go about it. Some men suggest that you simply ask a woman is she open to interracial dating. Although this may work for some men, others have found that asking women that question can often lead to disappointing results. The truth is there is a method to getting started with interracial dating, and if you follow it, it will better your chances of attracting women of different races. Learn About Her Race and Culture (But Don’t Overdo It) The first thing any man should do when he wants to date a woman of a different race is to learn about her culture. Don’t rely on common stereotypes of her race, and think that believing these things will tell youRead More …


26, January 2016

All About Art Tablets: Which One to Buy and How to Use it?

Digital art is the new big thing, and maybe you’ve wanted to start drawing or taking notes on your computer. Art tablets, commonly just called tablets, are a tool that can be used to draw or writ digitally directly onto your computer. They plug in and you can use a digital pen to draw, paint, write, and play games. If you are looking for a tablet, you have a lot of options to choose from, and it may seem a little overwhelming. There are a few things to know before you buy a tablet, and then you can start to learn how to use your tablet. Size Art tablets come in all different shapes and sizes. How big you want your tablet to be depends on where you want to store it, how often you want to use it, and what you want to do with it. Smaller tablets are easier to store, but can feel difficult to draw with simply because of the special differences that are involved with drawing on the computer with a small piece of equipment.Read More …