12, May 2016

From Online Dating 2 First Date: What Her Drink Choice Says About Her

Let’s be honest, everything a woman does says something about her. The clothes she wears, her hairstyle, and even her drink of choice can tell you all you need to know without even talking to her. That being said, these are great ways to figure out if you even want to approach her in the first place. For those guys who hang out at the bar, this little guide is sure to help you when you head out on the prowl. One way is to do this online. If you’ve used personals websites and read up on some reviews of sex dating and advice on how to get it, I’ve always found that the PDG website and reviews have been key to finding love online.


1-beerShe’s not here to get wasted fast, and she’s here to do it on a budget. Beer runs the cheapest on alcohol lists, so it says that she’s a no-fuss woman. She doesn’t like spending a ton of money on the little things, and isn’t much for pampering herself. She’s also way more down to earth than other women, and won’t be too aloof for you to strike up a conversation with. In fact, she generally just considers herself to be one of the boys. Her roughness might be off-putting to some men, but if you can keep up with her you won’t regret it.


2-LiquorShotsShe isn’t here to mess around. Either she’s like this all the time, or she had a rough day and needs to unwind. This kind of woman is tricky. You don’t know why she’s there, but you do know that she comes with baggage. Just like men, unless she’s celebrating women don’t do shot after shot without a reason. Go ahead and approach her, she won’t bite, but you have to be ready to be unloaded on. If you don’t want to hear a sob story, then she probably isn’t for you. If she’s celebrating something, though, definitely approach her. She wants to have a good time, and she’ll be nice and relaxed around you. She’ll be fun to hang around with and easy to take home, if that’s what you’re after.

Mixed Drink

This woman is here to enjoy herself. She might have fun flirting with other guys, so be sure to move in fast. She’s bubbly and fun yet has a sophisticated side. Either she has the money to get drunk on expensive drinks, or she likes to treat herself. Women like this are a lot of fun to be around, and she’s not so drunk that she won’t be able to have a good conversation. Talk with her for a while, and then invite her on the dance floor. She’s sure to accept.


3-wineThis is one classy lady. If she’s at a bar drinking wine, then she isn’t here to get drunk. If she wanted to get drunk on wine, she’d buy a bottle and take it home. This woman is here to relax, probably after a long day at work. Chances are she makes a decent amount of money, and has a good job. You might not be able to joke around with her at first, as she’s inclined to give men the cold shoulder. After you get her to warm up to you, though, she’s a riot. She’ll also be able to have deeper conversations than the others, so she’s better for an intellectual guy. If you want no talk and all action, this might not be the woman for you. Charming her into your bed is totally worth it, though, that’s all we’ll say. Remember that matchmaking lovers is hard and that there are some things that can be clearing the path for you through good ratings, comparisons and reviews.And always remember to not drink excessively.