11, May 2016

Cheating & Affairs: Why Body Language Is Critical In A Relationship

1-coupleOne of the best ways to communicate is not just saying what you feel, but showing it. Non-verbal communication is one of the best ways you communicate how you really feel about someone. When she says that she’s fine, what does her body say? Are her hips tilted, is her forehead a bit tense? You know that when your significant other is cross with you, their body looks a certain way. They could say they’re perfectly fine but indeed, regardless of what they say, you know the truth. For example, let’s look at the mother of quick hookups, cheating couples. When having an affair the importance of body language is stressed as something that is in need to be guided in most of the manuals for cheating out there. It is of vital importance. Knowing how to use and control your own body language is a key trait in a relationship, as well as knowing how to read your partner and their own body language. In doing so, you create a more understanding and cohesive environment. The more understanding and openness there is in a relationship, the better off it is.

Being Perceptive Of Your Partner

2-Do-men-or-women-make-the-best-landlordsOne of the key functions in a relationship is perception. How well you notice what your significant other is doing, both in real time and with their body language is a good thing to casually do throughout the day. If they appear to be tense, you should consult them on why they feel this way. It’s an exercise in being aware. The more you notice about your partner, the more compassion you show and the more appreciative they are of how you are willing to pay attention to them.

The Battle Of The Sexes

Sorry guys, but women are much more perceptive in general in relationships. Unless you’re a true Casanova anomaly and your female partner is blind. There are exceptions to the rule, but in general, bow to the other gender as their skills of perception are typically stronger.

This is all the more reason to do better to try to prove yourself as a sensitive and aware mate. Try to take out time to people watch your partner. Understand how she moves and feels throughout the day or times that you get to spend with her. That way when you do notice she’s feeling happy, sad, or stressed except in a non-verbally communicative way, you can impress her by asking what good thing happened that day or what’s got her so down.

You’re Not Excluded, Ladies

Just because you’re more inherently perceptive that your dude counterparts doesn’t mean that you get to slack off in love. The more you pay attention to your partner, the more he will appreciate it too. Guys may get weirded out by girls that are into “chick stuff”, also known as having emotions, but they still like it when you fawn over them and notice things about them.

It’s also imperative that when your man tries to read your feelings himself to not turn into the stereotypical grumpy partner that just huffs about how fine they are and leaves the room. Your body language may be saying otherwise, and they’re obviously picking up on it, but that doesn’t mean you need to act this way. Be open to communication. Be aware of what you’re saying and the signals that you’re sending to him.

Body Language Really Means Body. Language.

3-bodylanguageNo part of the body is excluded from this. The facial muscles can tell you everything a person as feeling as well as any other part of the body. Feet shaking and tapping can give off an irritated vibe. The jiggling of a leg shows you that someone is feeling nervous or giddy. Even the abdomen and how a man or women leans their weight can be associated with either being passive, aggressive, or both. Make sure that when you try to read someone’s body language that you observe their whole body and not just certain stereotypical parts.

Don’t Turn It Into A Therapy Session

While reading people is a nice trait to have, don’t use it to get analytical or demeaning. Your partner isn’t a patient on your couch to be looked at with a scientific interest. Use your ability to read body language for your partner’s sake, not for your own. This means using it to start a conversation, not to psychoanalyze them. They will appreciate it enough that you notice their subtle body cues, not that you find them to be an interesting human specimen. In the end, if you push too much, they will be pushed to cheat. If you don’t want someone else dating this married chick or you’re fed up of your relationship and you need help cheating you should find a good source to tap and use your power to have affairs instead of wasting your time in a bad relationship.