9, May 2016

6 Cute Ways To Ask Him Out When You Want That Hookup So Bad: Casual Dating Tactics Explained

ask-outAs either a woman who doesn’t get how men operate or as a man who knows all too well how they do, asking a dude out can be really tricky business. Most men don’t operate how women do in a romantic way, at least when it’s applied to them. When you ask a guy out, you can’t just think about a cute way to do it. You have to think about a cute way to do it with a guy in mind. Most men aren’t the stuffed bear and chocolate type, I’m sure you know.

If you’re thinking of hooking up with him, you’ll be in need of a guide that works with simple tricks and reviews that will guarantee that you get what you want out of the initial contact.

Flirty Text Messages

Guys love a girl (or maybe another man) who flirts. Turn it up a little and show him you know how to treat him like a man that you want. See how he responds and keep upping your game as it goes, teasing him if he reciprocates your advances. When you finally ask him out for a drink or dinner, he’ll be putty in the palm of your hand.

Giving Him Food

When someone said that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, they weren’t wrong. Men love a mate that can cook for them and will readily do so. Before you pop the small question, bring him something you made, or something it looks like you made. The more it looks like you put in effort, the more likely he’ll be to accept your date idea. While he’s eating, slyly ask him if you’d like to go out to eat sometime or share some wine. The key really is food.

Flipping The Script

Invite him out somewhere innocuous but that is obviously a place he likes to go or a more dude-oriented center or restaurant. Make it seem like you just want to try a place out or that you’re too scared to go there alone without a male companion. While you’re there, be engaged and have fun with him. Make sure he’s having a good time. After or during the meeting, talk about how it’d be great to do this again sometime. Something as vague as that can be a good date lead-in.

The More The Merrier

In work places and in colleges, mixers and group dates can be very common. Ask him to go along, or ask another friend to ask for you to remove yourself from suspicion and give yourself an air of surprise and mystery when you see each other at the group function. If you aren’t about group dates, group functions in general are good ways to ask a guy out. The atmosphere is jovial and usually very bustling. Use that to your advantage!

Notes In Class

Get really old school. If you work with him or go to school with him, leave him notes throughout the day or over a period of time. You can be as corny, cheesy, hot, flirty, or silly as you want to be. Keep it up until you get really familiar. Eventually, pop the question. You can do it like in those cheesy, high school movies with a check this box for yes style question or just ask outright. You’ll be surprised by how much a guy likes this style of romanticism.

Invite Him Over

When you invite him over, be very casual but not so casual as he thinks that something will be a little bit too…familiar. Don’t make the encounter seem like you’re about to give it up to him, unless you want to of course. But in the instance you just want to establish a date, make it seem like no big deal. He can think what he likes but most likely won’t get too overzealous about getting some.

When he comes over, do what it is you invited him over to do and pull that whole “let’s do this again sometime,” card. You’re inviting him to spend time with you without solidifying anything sexual. Yet, anyway!

Every now and then you may find that your sex life has become a little dull. This can be a very dangerous time for some people, as many of them will start to do things like cheat in order to bring some excitement back into their lives. There are hundreds of reasons why you shouldn’t cheat on your lady, and having her find out that you’ve being seeing women behind her back can often lead to a break up. If you want to bring the spice back into your sex life without cheating on your woman, there are many ways you can do this. All it takes is an open mind, and a desire to make sure that the two of you enjoy yourselves every step of the way.

Even as a woman, it’s hard to finding a casual date and even the best of us need to be guided so that when we casually take the lead everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Add a Kinky Flare to Something that the Two of You Do All the Time

While it is perfectly fine to run out and buy various adult board and card games, you can still have a bunch of kinky fun without having to go out and purchase anything. Pick an indoor activity that both of you like to do in the comfort of your home and go from there. For example, if you love making her breakfast on the weekend, cook it for her, and then have both of you eat your meals entirely naked. Make a game of seeing how long it takes one of you to break before you’re ready to pounce on the other. As more and more people no strings sex guidance is often desired. Read this guide with reviews so that you know what you’re getting into. In the end, remember that all you need is casual love.

If eating naked isn’t your thing, offer her a full body back massage for as long as she wants. The only stipulation being that she has to take off all of her clothes. Get her worked up to the point where she’s begging you to do more than just rubbing her. Also don’t forget to massage the back and the front of her body, from her heard to her toes.

Amuse Her with a Striptease (To Show that She’s Been Paying Attention to You)

stripAnother fun and thing you can do to add more spice back into your sex life is to test her knowledge of the things you’ve told her with an amusing striptease. Make a note of the things that you have told her throughout the week. When the weekend rolls around, get dressed up for her and begin asking her questions. Each time she gets something right, take off a piece of clothing. Not only will she quickly catch on to what you’re doing, she will start to pay more attention to the things that you tell her.

This can be a great game to play, especially if you are introducing her to something (like sports, for example). Ask her different questions to see how much she’s been listening to you. Chances are the next time you are talking to her, she will pay very close attention to the things that you say because she will want to get you out of those clothes.

There are numerous ways that you can add spice back to your sex life. What you do depends on what you and your lady are into. If you have an interest in something, let her know about it. Depending on what you like, you may have to let her warm up to certain things. Don’t forget to get her input on things as well to ensure that you both have a great time.