17, April 2016

How to Get the Most Out of Your iPhone’s Battery

Having a new iPhone is great, but what’s the use if the battery keeps dying on you before the day is over? Unfortunately, without a little tweaking on your part, there’s a lot going on in the background on your phone that does nothing short of suck your battery’s life away and leave you with a dead phone. You can make some simple adjustments to your iPhone to make your battery last as long as possible!

Figure Out What is Draining Your Battery

 Check which apps are draining your battery

Check which apps are draining your battery

If you have an iPhone 6 or 6+, or even an iPhone 5S that’s been updated to iOS 8, you have the ability to go into your phone and check out a detailed report of which apps are draining your battery the most. Using this knowledge, you can delete unnecessary apps that are taking too much energy and figure out which ones to keep on your phone.

Keep Your Brightness on Auto or Low

brightnessThis one is a biggie. Most of us tend to keep our phones as bright as possible, thinking it will give us maximum visibility. This isn’t always the case, and most of the time, your phone doesn’t need to be on maximum brightness at all. Conveniently, iOS 8 offers a feature called “Auto Brightness” which gauges how bright your surroundings are and adjusts your phone’s brightness accordingly. Using this feature, found in your settings underneath where you would usually change your brightness, can tremendously cut back on your battery usage.

Don’t Use Dynamic Backgrounds

Dynamic backgrounds are undeniably cool – they are animated backgrounds that shift around and react to your phone’s movements. However, if you’re willing to put fancy looking features aside, you should use a still background instead of a dynamic one. Still backgrounds require a lot less energy from your phone, whereas the constant push to keep an animated background going will significantly lower your battery’s life expectancy.

Turn Off Your Phone’s “Parallax Effect”

The Parallax Effect is a subtle visual enhancement that gives your phone’s screen the illusion of depth. You may not have noticed it yet, but if you look at your screen and tilt it slowly back and forth, you’ll be able to see the subtle shifting of your background and apps in a very neat way. Again, this effect in undoubtedly cool and makes your phone screen look great. If battery life is your priority, however, this is one bit of glamour that should be turned off. Keeping up that constant effect drains your battery life for no other reason than a bit of flash. Save your phone’s energy for something more useful!

Turn Wi-Fi Off When You’re Not at Home

Turn off  Wi-Fi  when you are not at home

Turn off Wi-Fi when you are not at home

When you’re at home, by all means save data and increase your browsing speed by connecting to your Wi-Fi. When you’re out and about, however, keeping Wi-Fi on means that your phone will constantly be searching for a connection it can make. This drains its energy quite a lot, and is easily avoidable. When you go out, just turn off the Wi-Fi feature on your phone to keep it from pointlessly looking for a connection and rely on your 4G or 3G network instead.

Disable Bluetooth When You Aren’t Using It

For similar reasons to why you turn off your Wi-Fi, turn off your Bluetooth connection when you aren’t using it or it will needlessly suck the life out of your phone’s battery. Chances are, unless you use it for business, you don’t use Bluetooth too often anyway.