11, April 2016

5 Start Up Costs You Will Never See Coming

Starting a new business can be difficult to manage and incredibly expensive, and just when you think you’ve got it all figured out is when you realize there are several costs you never considered going into business. Sometimes the more simple the costs, the easier these costs are to over look as you make your initial budget and predict the amount of money you’ll need to get up and running. Any amount of extra cost can be a game changer when you’re budgeting very carefully to get by. Sometimes all you can do is make part of your budget dedicated to costs you will not see coming. But before you resort to that consider also a few costs you might have forgotten as your making your initial budget.


Always remember to add the cost of Utilities to your budget

Always remember to add the cost of Utilities to your budget

It may seem silly, we pay them all the time in our personal lives! But often there is some component of utilities business owners look past when first making budgets. Did you remember things like electricity? How about internet? Will you have a business cell phone or landline you’ll be paying for right away? Make sure you consider and account for all these options and that they are usually monthly costs. It may be some time before you’re making enough to cover all expenses so be aware of your monthly financial commitments.


shippingSure you’ve been researching all the best products for your new business or finding all the best food services, but did you make sure those prices include shipping? A lot of times this hidden expense in purposefully out of sight out of mind and sneaks up after you’re already budgeted and committed to a price that’s now more than you accounted for. Be sure you get shipping quotes when researching and ordering products before making a final decision.

Business Licensing Fees

Business licenses  are not free

Business licenses are not free

You’ll need an actual business license to start doing business and they are actually not free. Be very thorough when looking up the cost of your business license as the kind of business you’re opening may change the cost of your license. Other professional fees may apply if you need to register your business as some professions have organizations you pay to authorize that you are a properly trained and sanctioned business.


A lot of business owners remember they need to buy a computer, but many forget about the additional and often huge costs of software needed to run their business properly. Even one forgotten software can be thousands of dollars in unexpected cost. You will often need accounting programs, Point of Sale programs, word processing and office programs, and many programs related to artistic pursuits. Forgetting even one type can be crucial if you need multiple copies, as most software programs are thousands of dollars for one user.

Hiring Other Professionals

hiringA lot of times going into business you will need the aid and advice of other professionals, such as an accountant to manage your financing from day one so that you don’t get off track as the paperwork starts piling up. Another common cost is speaking with a lawyer to make sure you have everything prepared correctly for your business. These costs can be unexpected as you’re getting started, but will help your professional track and be very beneficial in the long run.