26, February 2016

Why You Should Go to the Movies On Opening Weekend

Opening weekends at the movies almost always turns into a huge affair. Depending on how widely anticipated the movie is, the theater could be crowded all weekend and there’s great potential for the whole thing to turn into a nightmare. But if you really think about it, the only real concern you have about going on opening weekend is the crowds. If for whatever reason that makes you nervous, don’t be. Those people are your people. Fans who are excited to watch the same movie as you and went out of their way to come in during opening weekend. It could be hectic, but it holds the promise of being a lot of fun, too. Some truly great things can come out of supporting a movie on its opening weekend, and making that trip out to your local theater could be completely worth it.

Special Opening Weekend Giveaways

Some theaters host special events during  the opening weekend

Some theaters host special events during the opening weekend

Some theaters boast about hosting a special event during the movie’s opening weekend, and oftentimes when they say “special event” they mean “we’re going to give you awesome free stuff.” Of course these things will vary from movie to movie. Maybe the lead actor of the movie is planning on showing up to surprise the audience. Maybe they’ll given you special limited edition pins or cool movie posters. They might raffle off a bag of movie-related goodies, stickers, snacks, tickets to another event or show or theme park. And while you’re maybe sitting there thinking about how you’ll probably be able to find these special items on eBay in a matter of weeks (if you feel you’re really going to want whatever it is), wouldn’t it have been a lot easier to have just been present to get it for free?

You Snooze, You Lose

q2ihwkk0Most of the time, people prefer not to go to the movies on their own. Generally speaking, we like to invite big groups of friends and coworkers to come along. We figure out carpool arrangements, who’s paying for parking, what time we should go to be able to make a matinee screening to save a bit of money. Most of the time, those sorts of arrangements happen for a movie’s opening weekend, and for good reason. Movies have been filling up the theater projectors now more than ever. Every week, there are at least five or six new movies to see, which will attract every audience member available. For many people, that can be overwhelming. That isn’t quite the case when you travel in your pack of friends. And the thing is, it can be overwhelming for the movie theaters as well. With only so many screens available for all those new movies, the slightly older ones run a greater risk of getting bumped out at the first opportunity. What that means for you is that you may lose your opportunity to see that movie you wanted to see, simply because you wanted to avoid opening weekend crowds.

Catch It On the Biggest Screen

Have you ever gone to watch a movie that’s been out for some time already, and discovered that this so-called IMAX theater does not look nearly as impressive as it should be? Chances are that this happened because now that the movie is older it’s been switched into a less impressive theater. There’s no longer a need to wow the audience with pristine picture. They’ve given that privilege to a newer movie that will rake in more money. So why should you be paying the exact same amount of money only to receive a lesser quality image?