7, February 2016

Why Google Play is Better Than iTunes.

There are many music apps and features available on all platforms of media today. Ipods and other MP3 players are a great way to store and transport your music however most people don’t think to grab two devices to run out the door with every morning. More and more consumers want everything to be in one place for them with easy access to everything that they may need. Which in reality means that people want to have everything accessible to them on their phones, which includes their music library. There are many different apps to choose from depending on what type of device you have, for example the apple products have iTunes. What do the android and Google phone users have to choose from? Well there are the various free apps in the Google store, which allow you to download free music, all of which have terrible sound quality, are could be bugged. Or one can use Google Play, which is honestly the best thing I’ve found to access music with on my phone at a decent once a month price. Sure you can download free music from the apps but the once a month nine dollar fee is well worth what you get in return and gives iTunes a run for its money.

Google Play Saves Money

$9/Month Gets you unlimited music!

$9/Month Gets you unlimited music!

Google Play offers a huge music library all at the subscribers fingertips for just a low monthly payment of nine dollars a month. While this might not seem worth it I do assure you that it most certainly is. Where as iTunes will charge you per song you want to download, and some songs do cost more than others, Google Play allows you to download any song of your choosing for just that nine dollars a month. So in short, nine dollars can get you eight or nine songs on iTunes or it can get you unlimited music every month.

Google Play allows you to Play Your Music Anywhere

google_play_saves_moneyGoogle Play also allows you to be able to download your music to more than one device, unlike iTunes, which only allows you to have one trusted device. With Google Play not only can I download tunes to my music library on my phone, but I can also save the music to my phones memory system, such as the sim card or any other memory card you have in your phone. Not only that but Google Play can be opened on your computer using your Google account. From there you can play your music from your computer or you can download the music to your hard drive to create a CD or if you wish even put it on an mp3 player of some sort. Being able to have more than one trusted device for your music opens up many more doors as to where and how you are able to enjoy the music you have downloaded.

Google Play Suggests Radio Stations Based on Your Music Choices

We’ve all gotten tired of the music that we have stored in our library at some point, but most of us are also too tired of listening to the commercials on radio stations in the car. Google Play has a solution for this as well. What this app will do is take all of the music in your library and compile a radio station based on your tastes which contains artists that you already enjoy as well as some related artists that it thinks you will enjoy based on your choices it will even create play lists based on what you listen to the most. Google play offers this service as part of the nine dollar a month subscription. ITunes doesn’t offer any type of radio services to date. Click Here For The Webs Most Popular Radio Stations

Google Play is well worth the nine dollars a month for all music enthusiasts that want more out of their nine dollars than just eight songs. And the added features that Google Play offers proves this.