2, February 2016

Using Skype Interviews to Hire Out of State Candidates

With technology becoming more powerful, and more importantly, more user-friendly, many companies are starting to realize that technology can be a great way to find out of state candidates that aren’t capable of visiting for in-person interviews. In-person interviews can often prevent companies from finding well-qualified candidates, and many times these companies have to settle for candidates who aren’t as skilled, or talented as they may want. When companies offer out of state candidates the opportunity to interview from a remote location, it shows candidates how flexible a company can be, which will definitely be in the company’s favor.

An Opportunity to Save Your Company and Your Candidates Money

Using Skype for interviews will save your company money

Using Skype for interviews will save your company money

You have to spend money to make money. This is definitely true for many companies and the candidates that apply to them. Many times, candidates are expected to use their own funds to attend an in-person interview even if it is located thousands of miles away. As badly as they want the job, most candidates don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on plane tickets for a job that isn’t actually guaranteed to them. This means that some highly qualified candidates won’t even bother to apply to your vacant position.

If your company is willing to pay to fly out selected candidates, you may quickly discover that flying candidates out to your company can cost a small fortune. Depending on what time of year it is, plane tickets can be extremely expensive. Add that to the ever-fluctuating cost of hotel rooms, and the cost can be shocking. You also run the risk of things like flight delays or cancelled flights, which can end up throwing everyone off schedule, and causing a lot more trouble than you could have ever expected.

Allows You a Better Chance of Finding Someone Perfect for the Position

The more candidates that apply to your company, the more chances you have of finding the perfect person for the position. While it may be convenient to hire someone who is local, a local candidate may not have what your company is looking for. Many out of state candidates will accept that they are expected to pay for their own moving expenses if they get the job, so offering them the opportunity to interview via Skype can work out well for both of you.

With the exception of the fact that the two of you aren’t in the same room, Skype interviews are very similar to in-person interviews. If there are things you look for during traditional interviews, be certain to look for those things during Skype interviews. Some people believe that Skype interviews are actually better than in-person interviews because it takes some of the pressure off of candidates. Hundreds of well-qualified candidates have blown their chances at a job because of the nervousness they feel in an unfamiliar surrounding. A Skype interview allows a candidate to be a little calmer because they are familiar with their surroundings, and feel some sense of control.
Hiring out of state candidates does have to be as complex and time consuming, as some companies like to make it seem. Candidates want to know that companies are wiling to work with them. It’s virtually impossible to exist in this world without using some form of technology. If potential candidates see that your company isn’t willing to use technology, they will come to the conclusion that your company isn’t one that they would want to work for. This will ultimately decrease the amount of people applying to your company’s vacant positions. It will also decrease the amount of well-qualified candidates that apply for the job.