3, February 2016

Travel Smart: How to Save Money on Vacation

Vacations are a needed break from the plodding procession of everyday life, and there are a lot of different ways that people decide to go on vacation. Many people choose to travel when they have vacation hours, a practice that is both fun and illuminating for the person who decides to travel. Many people save up in order to go on vacations and will wait for the perfect times and the perfect amount of money to go on a vacation. While there is no doubt that any time away beyond a business paid trip will lose you money, there are ways to minimize the damages. So be sure that you travel smart and minimize the potential damage to your bank account that travel may cause.


Your Best choice to travel cheap is by car

Your Best choice to travel cheap is by car

Planes, trains, and automobiles are all expensive. When looking for the cheapest way to travel, it depends on where you are going. If you aren’t going far, car is probably the way to go, though you have to take into consideration the crazy prices of gas. If a train will get you where you are going in a good amount of time, take that. It will likely be the cheapest option if you find the right kind of train. For flying, buy your tickets early and do it through a site that will get you good deals on the plane that you are taking. Make sure that you do your research before committing to any kind of transportation, and weigh how much time you are willing to spend vs. how much money you want to spend.


Hotels are quite expensive, and further research is required when you are checking out hotels. If you aren’t picky about where you stay, motels and the like are good places to crash, or even youth hostels, if you fall within that age range. There are also other ways to easily find cheap hotels online, and you will be able to stay in style without killing your wallet. If the place you are going has good public transportation, get a hotel just outside of town to save extra money.

Eating Out

If you are staying in a certain place for more than a few days at a time, then it will save you a ton of money to go grocery shopping and make at least half of your own meals. Eating out every day when you are on vacation is a really easy way to just throw your money away and never see it again. The longer you are on vacation, the more money you will save by grocery shopping for your meals. If you are staying any longer than four days, and grocery shopping can save you hundreds of dollars.


Sit by the pool and catch some rays to save money

Sit by the pool and catch some rays to save money

Part of a good vacation is the activities that you go on in the meantime. If you want to save money by not doing any of the traditional activities in a place, then you are probably not going to have as fun a time as you could have. However, instead of doing absolutely everything crammed into one go, pick a few pricey activities and then plan on doing free things, like sitting by the pool and catching rays or going sightseeing. That way, you will still have a full vacation while saving money.